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 Community resources:

Kansas and National Help:

Kansas crisis hotline


Crime Victims' assistance unit


national domestic violence helpline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

YWCA center for safety & Empowerment

Emergency shelter, information and referrals for victims, assistance with protection orders, court advocates, more!

(785)354-7927 Week days

(785)234-3300 Nights/Weekends


Find Your City Here

Office of the Attorney General Victims’ Services Division

They can provide victims with financial assistance with expenses that occur because of the crime. Child exchange and visitation information for if you share a child with your stalker.

120 SW 10th Ave, 2nd Floor Topeka, KS 66612

 (800) 828-9745

Not located in Kansas?:

Help In Your State

Helpful Programs

 SAFE AT HOME Approved members would receive their mail at an alternate address while keeping their actual address undisclosed. Click the Link and find your state to see how to apply!

VINE is the nation's most reliable and confidential source for updated custody status and criminal case information. Register and stay informed.

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