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SAFE NET Program

Creating an app to help victims and law enforcement alike.

Being a victim of stalking is incredibly overwhelming. Victims are in a constant state of crisis experiencing chronic trauma, and have to worry about SO much every day, just to stay safe. The LAST thing they want to worry about is their case management on top of it all.

However the sad reality is that the police simply do not have the time, resources, or ability to gather all of the evidence to prove these cases. First responders can get overwhelmed

We understand the immense amount of doumentation, evidence and paperwork is involved in cases of stalking and how much burden is unfairly placed upon the victims to gather and manage all that is required for these cases to see inside of a court room.

The goal here is to diminish added stress and confusion for victims, first responders, investigators and prosecutors alike.

Introducing the F4L SAFE NET Program. These accounts are secure and feature efficient nexus evidence tracking.

This app will be the game-changer for most victims of stalking. Not only will it help victims, but it will also help Law-Enforcement and Prosecutors too.

Power in Numbers


1 in 7

Stalking victims have had to move because of their stalker.


1 in 8

Stalking Victims have lost their job due to stalking.


1 in 4

Stalking Victims have contemplated or attempted suicide.

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