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Helping Hands Initiative

Coordinating resources for victims of stalking.

Being a victim of stalking is extremely overwhelming. Simply handing victims a packet of resources is not enough to give the complete care that is needed.

The Fight 4 Light Foundation aims to take the added stress off of victims by organizing the care they need. We coordinate with other facilities to provide an all encompassing network of help.

When someone comes to us for help, we walk them through the process of getting help through the legal system, making sure they have a safety plan, getting them set up for success by helping manage evidence and law enforcement interactions, getting them set up with appointments and victim advocates, getting proper legal documentation filed, and tips and suggestions on how to better get the results from legal cases.

There are so many resources available, and we will help get them all set up for you!

Power in Numbers



Of victims do not reach out for help.



Of victims report feeling helpless.



Of stalking victims reported they believed their stalking stopped because others intervened on their behalf.

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