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Fight 4 Light Defense *Coming Soon*

Free self-defense program tailored to victims of stalking and DV.

Self-defense plays a significant role in Domestic Violence cases. In the Domestic Violence context, self-defense can be defined as a tool of survival skills that combine: empowerment, awareness, verbal confrontation techniques, safety and survival strategies, as well as physical exercises that will help enable the victim to escape from a violent situation.

Often times stalking victims feel as if there is nothing they can do to protect themselves, and that nobody else can protect them. Stalking victims live in terror and fear, suffering from undue stress and anxiety.

An effective self-defense training, combines physical and nonphysical strategies to empower victims of abuse. In those cases where a Domestic Violence victim has self-defense as a survival tool, a remarkable difference can be noticed regarding the power that self-defense gives the victim to overcome the abuse. This survival tool provides the victim a psychological as well as physical preparation for in case of emergency.

Self-Defense is more than knowing how to fight back again a physical attack. A good self-defense class will expand the way you think about violence prevention, help you deal with your fears and enable you to feel more empowered in your life. This class offers students the ability to:

  • Feel Empowered to take back your life.

  • To not feel completely helpless and defenseless.

  • Challenges the prevailing cultural narrative of weak, passive victims and strong, invulnerable perpetrators and instead helps students to discover and maximize their own strengths.

  • Adding vital tools to your toolbelt to choose from, allowing you to feel more prepared and a sense of some control.

  • Learn a valuable set of skills like awareness, assertiveness, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable you to be prepared for a possible confrontation.

  • Increase your self-confidence and reduce levels of anxiety and depression caused by the abuse.

  • Additionally, self-defense has been empirically proven to decrease the number of psychological attributes that are associated with victimization post-trauma.

We will have multiple locations offering these courses.

  • Wichita, Ks

  • Topeka, Ks

Power in Numbers



Of females murdered by previous lovers were stalked first.



Of stalking victims were physically attacked.


86% Chance

Of women who fight back avoid rape. 31% of stalking victims are sexually assaulted.

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