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Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Providing the public and schools with stalking awareness

A public awareness and education campaign is a way to bring stalking to the attention of our communities. The important thing is to get key prevention information on stalking out to the public (youth, adults, or children) and encourage them to take action in preventing or reducing crime. This is badly needed as stalking is not really understood by most of society and thus, more crimes happen and more victims do not realize what they are enduring is in fact, illegal.

Educating the public is one of the most important strategies for preventing crime. People who recognize the actions they can take to minimize their risk of committing and being the victim of stalking are the cornerstone of a safer community. Communities are empowered to take action by recognizing that a problem exists and showing them how it can be addressed.

Experts point to developmental or early prevention as an effective method for intercepting delinquent behavior among young people. Targeting youth at schools is a vital part of this plan, as they are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence crimes and victimization. This involves investing in the healthy development of children and young adults, and mobilizing individuals, families, schools, and communities to counter the conditions that contribute to the behavior and crime before they appear.

Power in Numbers



About half of all victims of stalking indicated that they were stalked before the age of 25.



People aged 18-24 have the highest rate of stalking victimization.



Of stalkers are under the age of 18.

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