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Framed Resin Necklace on Cord

Framed Resin Necklace on Cord

Excluding Sales Tax

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace is an original piece of wearable and protective art. Each piece is lovingly woven together, and encased in resin to create a unique, protective design.


Featuring an eye-catching, framed resin amulet made with a real blue feather, sunflower pollen, and Palo Santo ash, suspended on an adjustable black cord.


By purchasing this necklace, you'll be helping to fund the Fight 4 Light's programs that empower victims of Stalking by enabling safe tools to help guide them along their journey.


Show your support and add a unique statement piece to your wardrobe with this stunning necklace.

Color Frame
  • Final Sale

    This beautiful Framed Resin Necklace on Cord is the perfect addition to any wardrobe! The unique design features a handcrafted frame in a variety of colors, with a colorful resin centerpiece. The necklace is adjustable and comes with a comfortable cord. All proceeds from the sale of this necklace go to support our nonprofit organization. Please note that all sales are final - no returns or exchanges.

  • Looks Vary

    Hand-crafted from quality materials, this one-of-a-kind accessory is sure to draw attention, while helping to spread awareness of our cause. Please note that looks will vary due to this fact.

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